Jeremy Heyboer
    18600 S. Parkview Dr   Houston, TX 77084  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Dedicated Network Professional with a diverse technical background seeks position that will utilize exceptional training, certifications, and experience in a network support environment.


    Network professional with experience in TCP/IP networking, Windows Server operating systems. Established integrity. Excellent interpersonal skills, able to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers at all levels. Self-motivated and able to work independently or in a team environment with the ability to work under pressure. Effective written and verbal skills from both business operations and client base perspectives. Proficient with Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Virtual Machines,  SharePoint, SQL Database, DOT NET Web Design and Microsoft Office products. Effective in Visual Basic, Linux and Perl scripting.

    • Proven track record in identifying and resolving network issues in a timely and cost efficient manner while maintaining client Service Level Agreements up-time.
    • Outstanding experience working in a fast paced NOC environment
    • Diverse knowledge and experience in the technical support field
    • Possess excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills
    • Outstanding interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills


    Professional Experience

    Comcast Cable, Houston, TX

    2009 - 2013

    Sr. Network Engineer


    Comcast Cable, Houston, TX

    2007 - 2009

    NOC - Tier3 Analyst

    • Engineering team member supporting Comcast Houston production network consisting of more than 1500 devices spread across 28 hub sites and on standby for the entire Southern encompassing over five states in the event of a disaster.
    • Quickly drive resolution of all network issues to reduce waste and downtime while also ensuring client Service Level Agreements.
    • Document and ticket network problems in a fast paced work environment.
    • Provide tier 3 support for Comcast Cable commercial clients.  
    • Support network and equipment upgrades to include IOS image upgrades, IP reclaims, DHCP node moves, and other configuration changes.
    • Working with vendors to resolve Hardware or software bugs.
    • Monitored bandwidth and network activity by analyzing information provided by a variety of different monitoring tools and logs (Spectrum NMS, Cacti, IneoQuest IVMS, Quest Controls, Mixed Signals) to ensure both efficient and effective network operation.
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting Cisco ONS 15400, 7600, 6500, 3600, 3550, 2900, 2600, UBR7200 and UBR10000 devices.
    • Identify, troubleshoot interface flaps and errors on Fiber and Ethernet interfaces
    • Creating and resolving network tickets using Remedy ticketing system.


    Time Warner/Comcast Cable

    2005 - 2007

    Cable Installation/repair tech

    • Installed and repaired Video, Internet, VOIP, and WiFi services for both residential and commercial class customers.
    • Used various tools including signal level meter, spectrum analyzer, and leakage detector to identify and correct RF issues causing service outages and performance issue for the customer.
    • Identified and corrected wiring issues causing voice and data impairment in the home and small offices.
    • Resolved connectivity and speed issues ensuring a great quality of experience for both residential and commercial class customers.
    • Identified issues with customer equipment causing connectivity issues.

    Home Depot - Freight Team

    2003 - 2005

    • Merchandising Inventory
    • Inventory Management               
    • Customer Service

    Aerospace Components

    2001 – 2003

    • Setup, Operate and repair CNC over 15 machines
    • Produce precision products for Race Car performance and safety products
    • Responsible for CNC Machines with 99% Up Time

    AAA Electronics

    1997 - 2001

    • Diagnosis and repair electronic equipment (Stereo's, Phones, Household appliances abd other electronic equipment).
    • Diagnosis and repair Hardware or Software problems on personal computers 
    • Product Sales


    Windows 9x,XP,Vista, server 2003,2008, Hyper-V; MS Office suite, Visio, Linux, Unix; RF, DWDM ; DHCP, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP; RIP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, SNMP, NAT, VRF, MPLS; Cisco ubr10000, 7600, 3600 series routers; 2950, 3500, 3700, and 6500 series IOS Catalyst Switches; Tellabs 8800, Juniper mx960 JUNOS; Cisco ONS



    • IneoQuest Video over IP and IVMS for operators
    • Configuring and managing Untangle Firewall
    • Configuring and managing Asterisk PBX, FTP Server and VOIP Phones
    • Dell (NA) Network Automation Software
    • 60 Credit hours at Saint Petersburg College in the Criminal Justice Fast Track Academy
    • over 600 hours of Communication/Interpersonal skills training
    • NCTI Certifications - Installer and Installer Tech
    • SharePoint Admin, CCNA, CCNA Voice, CCNP, VB Scripting, MSSQL 2005 and MSSQL2008 classes
    • CCNA In Progress
    • Strategic Project Management
    • Systems Design and Development
    • Cisco Networking
    • VOIP - Voice Over IP
    • Server Management and Maintenance
    • Web Design
    • SQL Database Administrator

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